All of us working together can defeat those who discriminate against Americans

If you look at the scale of the displacement of Americans in America, it is huge and there is no way that we can defeat it.

But there is a way if you want to do your part.

Ikon Systems, LLC



Our government has made it clear that they will stop what is happening if they can prove it is happening.

Here is how we can do our part.

Every year there is a half million H-1B applications made by about 50,000 companies.

There is no way any of us can write a program to monitor all of their websites and grab the data that I’m aware of, but if you know of a way, please let us know.

Here is my way, and it is a manual process.

  1. Pick a local company that hires H-1B’s at a place where you want to work. In my case, it will be the Department of Veterans Affairs.
  2. Look at the LCA applications and you will find a website for each of the vendors
    1. HCL Global Systems –
    2. Technology Consultants, Inc. –
    3. The Veritas Healthcare Solutions LLC –
  3. Every day, take a few minutes of your time and apply for any new jobs that you are qualified for and could do, and share the information that you applied in a central location (I’m willing to give you access to this site so that you can post your results for the World to see)
  4. If you are not considered and you have the skills, it will be time to take it to a higher level and possibly submit it to the government

Folks, we can do this if we want too.

United We Stand

Divided We Fall

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