I blame our main stream media for what happened in Washington DC yesterday

I was listening to Thomas Friedman this morning on CNBC.

He was talking about how all of the Trump Supporters have been sold a pack of lies.

I don’t know about you, but I voted for Obama Twice and even wrote Perez and Biden many times trying to show them what is happening in America.

Absolutely Zero Response.

So I voted for Trump Twice and even wrote the Department of labor, Cruz, Cornyn, and many others trying to show them what is happening in America.

Absolutely Zero Response.

The only person or organization that has the ability to get their attention is our Main Stream Media.

Yet, even though they know that sending our best paying jobs to other countries decreases our job totals here, and the ability to work our way into our best paying jobs, they say nothing and this has been growing worse since the mid 1970’s as best that I can tell.

And even though the evidence is overwhelming that we are importing many, many times the number of non-immigrant guest workers that we are creating new jobs for, they remain silent.

And this too destroys the ability for highly skilled workers in any field to work their way into our best paying jobs.

Yet they remain silent.

Which means that our homeless ranks continue to grow, and our ranks of people living out of their vehicles continues to grow.

And the anger and bitterness continues to grow.

Meanwhile, in a nation where you are considered innocent until proven guilty, our leaders at companies like facebook and twitter take it on themselves to be the judge, jury, and executioner of our duly elected President who is attempting to show them what is happening.

And our mainstream media remains silent.

Ikon Systems, LLC Can Be Beat

The provisions of the settlement included Ikon’s promise to stop discriminating against U.S. workers, a promise to file a series of reports over two years regarding its hiring practices, and the payment of $27,000 to the government and $15,000 to Heath. Ikon also, I assume, had to pay a law firm to handle the case. One of the signatories of the agreement was Deepak Shivva, Ikon’s president.

In 2018, Ikon, according to the myvisajobs.com web site, filed for 29 H-1Bs in 2018, for 13 the following year, and for five this year. These filings, because the H-1B program is over-subscribed, presumably produced about one-third as many workers as filings. Ikon is thus a middle-sized operator.

I had hoped that Ikon would be suspended from the H-1B program for at least a couple of years, but that option, called debarment, is rarely used by the U.S. Department of Labor.