Ikon Systems, LLC Can Be Beat

The provisions of the settlement included Ikon’s promise to stop discriminating against U.S. workers, a promise to file a series of reports over two years regarding its hiring practices, and the payment of $27,000 to the government and $15,000 to Heath. Ikon also, I assume, had to pay a law firm to handle the case. One of the signatories of the agreement was Deepak Shivva, Ikon’s president.

In 2018, Ikon, according to the myvisajobs.com web site, filed for 29 H-1Bs in 2018, for 13 the following year, and for five this year. These filings, because the H-1B program is over-subscribed, presumably produced about one-third as many workers as filings. Ikon is thus a middle-sized operator.

I had hoped that Ikon would be suspended from the H-1B program for at least a couple of years, but that option, called debarment, is rarely used by the U.S. Department of Labor.


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