Utah Senator Mike Lee

Carlson described the giveaway as an outsourcing scheme levied against young, middle-class Americans who aspire to U.S. technology jobs. Their job prospects, Carlson said, will be crushed as a result:

What will that do to you and your kids? Let’s say you would like to have your kids graduate from college with all the debt they have and get a high-paying job in technology — much less likely now. That job is going to go to someone from another country.

They’ll tell you, “We don’t have enough well-educated people to fill those slots.” Really? As they’re forcing your kids to take classes on Zoom, as they let American schools degrade to the point that they are a joke — Republicans aren’t even disputing that point.

Most notably, Carlson said the giveaway is contrasted against the nation’s mass unemployment crisis whereby nearly 18 million Americans are jobless and another 6.7 million Americans are underemployed but all of whom want full-time jobs.