The case for a Union of STEM Workers

I am writing this article so that I can submit it to the AFL-CIO to help them better understand what is happening out here.

Feel free to either write them, or add a comment to the bottom to help show what you are seeing, experiencing in the STEM industry.

Our jobs in America can pretty well be summed up via the groups described to the right of this article.

They essentially are entry level type jobs, skilled blue collar type jobs and skilled white collar jobs.

Everybody typically has at some point in their lives worked in the entry level jobs, and as their skills grew, they worked their way through the blue collar jobs and in some cases ended up in the white collar jobs.

Many will choose college to go directly into the white collar jobs if at all possible.

When we look at a small community, we see entry level jobs at our convenience stores, grocery stores, restaurants and cafes, and our pubs.

We typically see our blue collar jobs in organizations like our mechanic shops, plumbing, electrical and hvac type shops and our transportation type industries.

Our white collar type jobs are typically found in our government agencies and our larger employers if they exist in our community.

This pattern is repeated many times over in our larger cities, counties, states, and even at the federal level.

Over the last 20 years a change has happened and even though we STEM workers have been attempting to show anybody who will listen what is happening, we have found that nobody is listening.

This change can best be described in a recent lawsuit:

The lawsuit alleges that Facebook refused to recruit, consider, or hire qualified and available U.S. workers for over 2,600 positions that Facebook, instead, reserved for temporary visa holders it sponsored for permanent work authorization (or “green cards”) in connection with the permanent labor certification process (PERM). The positions that were the subject of Facebook’s alleged discrimination against U.S. workers offered an average salary of approximately $156,000. According to the lawsuit, and based on the department’s nearly two-year investigation, Facebook intentionally created a hiring system in which it denied qualified U.S. workers a fair opportunity to learn about and apply for jobs that Facebook instead sought to channel to temporary visa holders Facebook wanted to sponsor for green cards.

This is happening at all of our companies nationwide and I’ve made it possible for you to search any company to see for yourself via the website I have built at

If we allow this to continue, this effectively eliminates anybody in your family from working their way into our best jobs regardless of the education they have except in the case of a lucky few or those well connected.

The only place we will find these caliber of jobs is at our very large employers and our government agencies, and perhaps you think that our citizens will find sanctuary at our government agencies.

I too thought that and because of my time in the Navy, once I realized what was happening, I sought entry level work with the nearest government agency which was the Department of Veterans Affairs in Kerrville, Texas with the goal of working my way up the ladder.

After many attempts to get my foot in the door, I received this letter for an entry level type job.

I never did get hired for that position and to this date I have never found out why, and I had to enlist the help of Congressman Lamar Smith’s office who also was unable to find out why I didn’t get hired.

I later found out that they had “retired” the person offering me the job , and because my credit had been destroyed by the things I’m showing you in this article (keep in mind that I got forced out in 2003 and this was in 2015 so I had already been unemployed for nearly 12 years).

In 2016 I surprisingly did get hired for the first time of 4 attempts I have made as a janitor or what they call a housekeeping aid.

Once I was in, I would immediately start applying for the software positions that I had filled since my time in the navy thinking I would immediately, or fairly rapidly would be able to work my way up the ladder because all of their documents I was reading were about how they were modernizing their systems.

Over time I would eventually get frustrated by being told that I would need to ask for permission to go to the bathroom or anything, or being told to take 5 bags into a room (1 big one and 4 small ones) and squeeze the air out of the smaller ones to combine in the larger one, and I would give up and seek work elsewhere hoping to find some small way back into the software industry.

I have documented the many times I have tried here and as you can see, I’ve never even been considered for anything other that that of a janitor position.

Many of you reading this will probably say unions are bad, or ineffective and my own experience of trying to educate my union leaders tells me that either they were incapable of comprehending what I was telling them was true, or they simply didn’t give a damn about me as long as they got what they wanted.

And believe me, I have personally emailed every leader I could find at all branches of and during the early days of Keep America At Work I have emailed AFL-CIO as well.

And nobody has listened.

So it grows worse in private industry.

And our very own Department of Labor hires non-immigrant guest workers on H-1B visas instead of our citizens and vets like myself.

As does our unemployment office here in Texas.

From the conversations I’ve had, this is happening at all government agencies whether they be at the county, state, or federal level.

Which effectively blocks your family member from working their way up the ladder.

Is our goal here in America to sell expensive college degrees to our families who will not be able to pay them back because we are sending their jobs to other countries and importing non-immigrant guest workers to take their jobs.

Is that really all that we stand for?

I’m asking you, the union leaders of AFL-CIO and its many branches like

Will you work with us to help us organize?

Will you work with us to help us provide a future for our families?

Or will this just fall on deaf ears like all of my attempts have in the past?

I don’t expect you to believe only myself.

Robert Heath does a pretty good job summarizing what is happening.

And Patrick Thibodeau did a great job as well.

Professor Norm Matloff does a really great job as well.

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